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    General Chemistry (REVIEW)
    Introduction to the general principles of chemistry for designed for students that need chemistry review quickly for preparations of exams, tests and quizzes or supplemental for General Chemistry Class as a prerequisite for their minor or major is other sciences or arts programs related science, the health professions, or engineering. The concepts covered in this course include Stoichiometry, atomic structure, chemical bonding and geometry, thermochemistry, gases, types of chemical reactions, statistics, etc. More than 2500 InterActive Practice Questions and keys, MyChemistry eBook has summaries notes in outlines to help you gasp the concepts very quickly and solved problems for you to follow, very powerful tool for students in college or undergraduate course in General Chemistry, complements the lecture material and you can print them for reference. MyChemistry eBook and Practice Questions are organized in topics that students can practice them as they go, and also cumulative to test their ability in the course in general.


    • Chemistry: Introduction, Matter and Measurement
    • Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
    • Chemical Formulas, Equations, and Moles
    • Reactions in Aqueous Solution
    • Periodic Table and Atomic Structure
    • Ionic Bonding
    • Covalent Bonds and Molecular Structure
    • Thermochemistry: Chemical Energy
    • Gases
    • Liquids, Solids, and Phase Changes
    • Solutions
    • Chemical Kinetics
    • Equilibrium
    • Acids and Bases.
    • Aqueous Equilibria
    • Thermodynamics: Entropy, Free Energy, and Equilibrium
    • Electrochemistry
    • The Elements
    • Transition Elements
    • Metals
    • Nuclear and Radioactivity
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Biochemistry