• Medical Terminology I & II (REVIEW)

    The Medical Terminology for Health Professions Course is a comprehensive medical terminology online course for Health Professionals. The course presents medical terminology through a unique combination of anatomy and physiology, word building principles, and phonetic “sounds like” pronunciations. The course has beginners guide to audio pronunciation for all anatomical terminologies.Content is organized according to body systems, one chapter per system together with Oncology, Radiology & Nuclear Medicine and the Mental Health. The Medical Terminology for Health Professions Course is suitable for certicate, college and undergraduate level students that require the this course for completion of their degree programs.

    Together with comprehensive notes and outlines from the notable textbooks, this course has 22 different quizzes with more than 2300 practice questions, one quiz for each chapter and the cumulative practice exam to help you master the course.

    Course Modules

    • Word Structure
    • Suffixes
    • Prefixes
    • Body Organization
    • Skin and Integumentary System
    • Skeletal System
    • Muscular System
    • Digestive System
    • Cardiovascular System
    • Blood and Lymphatic System
    • Respiratory System
    • Urinary System
    • Endocrine System
    • Nervous System
    • Special Senses: The Ear
    • Special Senses: The Eye
    • Female Reproductive System & Obstetrics
    • Male Reproductive System
    • Cancer Biology
    • Radiology/Nuclear Medicine
    • Mental Health & Abnormal Psychology

    Cumulative Final Exam is timed for 3:00 hours and every time you attempt the 440 questions it picks randomly but proportionately to the weight score from the 2300 Question bank. This feature prepares students for timed computerized tests; a complementary Certificate of Achievement for a score of 90% or above.